Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week 17 - Prague

With our mission being a 25 month mission the last couple of weeks have been overtime and the Lord has been blessing us so much!  This week was one of the coolest weeks yet!

On Sunday we had a great day. The cougarettes were visiting Prague. That meant there were 50 extra people at church plus all the normal visitors. Translating was fun but their tour guide came to church with them and is now a new investigator! Then We went tracting and found one of the coolest streets. A lot of foreigners were there but we met three families who all work with an american family in our ward. One of them just got here, His wife started to investigate our church in America and he wants his daughter to find the way! So that was really cool and then at inspirational night. Michal brought a friend and we set up with another new person that came! Sunday was pretty successful 

On Monday president showed us the talk from Elder Holland from the mission president seminar. That was so spiritual! Then we had a lesson at their house with a young girl. She is dating someone from the Czech republic on a mission, She promised him that when she graduated college she would take all the lessons. Well the week she graduated she just "happened" to run into us! So we had a way solid first lesson and then met again on Friday! Things are going really well! We also met with a member from Brno on his way to the temple for the first time! Worked a lot with him when i was there. Tuesday we had MLC and after a fourth of July grill which was pretty awesome!

Took off that night for Trebic. That is where president and sister pohorelicti are from. They said i couldn't leave my mission without seeing their city so we had an exchange there and it was one of the best days! We had lunch with presidents mom. Found a family of 6 and then started talking to a mom. She said she didn't have too much time but we could walk with her. We had a really good conversation until her husband came up but he just listened. We asked if we could meet another day and they said they still had time if we could keep teaching them. So we did and then they invited us to sit down at a restaurant with them. Turns out he was a drug dealer and she was a user. That's how they met. But they both stopped and have been clean for two years and have a one year old son! They are so open and so cool! That night back in Prague we were on another exchange and Elder Raines and i went and taught a bar! Always a fun experience

The next day we had a really cool lesson with a girl from Iran. President and Elder Carlson met her on Monday and she came to the grilovani on Tuesday and Thursday we taught her and she now has a baptismal date! That night we had a lesson with Michals friend from Sunday and was one of the most spiritual lessons! 

I had my last district meeting of my mission on Friday and i have to admit i slept through most of it... I am so tired. This week has been amazing! Today we were with president at Karlstejn getting things ready for our training we will have next week! They are amazing! Love them a lot! Last full week as a missionary. Pretty crazy but Going to the end. I love my mission, God and these people! 
With love, Tyler