Saturday, July 15, 2017

Week 18 - Prague - the last week - the last letter

Well, this has been the last full week of my mission. It has been full and busy. Our investigators are doing so well. We are teaching a lot of great people. We are teaching a girl from Iran with a baptismal date and we got a Book of Mormon in her language. She was so excited! We also committed another woman to baptism who is a referral from our recent convert! Its how Missionary work is supposed to go! Also teaching a Catholic girl who is dating someone on a mission in England. Elder Carlson and I have been teaching the best we have ever taught and we are teaching the most! This week Tuesday we headed with President to Bratislava. We had some time and got to contact around the city before having dinner with president and getting things ready for training.

Wednesday we had a great training. We trained on giving baptismal commitments. It went well! President had a really good training about spiritual gifts, faith, and the price paid for us to be here. Then had to share my departing testimony. We rode back with president to Prague then Thursday had lots of lessons, we had culture night, and had to prepare for Karlstejn on Friday

Friday was a busy day. all the missionaries in the Czech Republic met at the place where the land was dedicated for the preaching of the Gospel. We had a special conference. There are 60 missionaries and it was a great conference. So spiritual. President had me train by myself about the history of Preaching the Gospel here. Things went well, Then we had departing testimonies. There are 12 of us going home. So weird. We then went up to the place next to the castle. There bore my testimony and we had a prayer from president. It is a natural temple and a very cool place. It was an amazing day. We ended it with a transfer meeting with president. Going through transfers. This morning called everyone about transfers and have some good things tonight. 

My mission is coming to a close. have a few more days and then will be home Thursday. I will be speaking in the Maplewood ward and Sienna plantation ward at some point. This has been the highlight of my life.

Someone at training shared a quote this week that went something like this "When someone has a meeting with Jesus Christ, they are never the same after" The last two years I have walked, and felt, and been discouraged, and found hope all in Jesus Christ. I know he lives, He knows me and I know him. The level to which I know that he is the Christ and the God lives has grown immensely. I love them. I love the Czechs and Slovaks. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, the Book of Mormon is true. The Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses individuals and families in ways people can not imagine. There is no doubt in my mind about this truths. I would not have done this had it not been so.
Love you all, See you soon Tyler