Saturday, April 1, 2017

Week 3 - Prague

So last Saturday Michal got baptized and it was awesome! There were more than 50 people there and he had invited a lot of his friends! Who came and our other investigators! His friend who got baptized four months ago baptized him and they were both friends of a member who referred them! It was awesome! 
Sunday was a pretty great day! We had three investigators at church! Michal got the gift of the Holy Ghost. One investigator paid tithing and we gave him a blessing! After church Michal and a lot of this group that has been baptized recently made us all lunch! We then watched some videos of missionaries with president. WE had all the missionaries record themselves doing a role play of finding. Then every Sunday night we have what are called inspirational nights. All the ward missionaries are supposed to bring a friend each week and we have food and a game and then a thought. It was awesome!

Then comes Monday it was a long day. We got to the office at 7 in the morning and got home at 1030 at night.  We had an office meeting and then a meeting with this girl Kristina. She had a really spiritual experience at the baptism and was at church and the inspirational night. We talked about baptism and she really wants to get baptized. Shes great friends with a lot of people and we are team teaching with the sisters! Shes awesome! We also had a lesson with Michal and hes doing great. WE had another lesson with him yesterday and is preparing for the priesthood.

Tuesday and Thursday this week we had training. One here in Prague and the other in Bratislava! They were really good. We focused a lot on Easter and did some role plays using the Easter Initiative. We have planned with president to have a big activity in every city during the next two weeks so its gonna be great! President talked about urgency and we gave everyone a quote to read every day before they leave! We also got to train and we talked about selfrelicne in the gospel. How we can teach people how to study the scriptures, pray sincerely, appreciate the sacrament and knowing the Holy Ghost. We focused it all in Jesus Christ. They were great!

Tuesday we had some lessons with less actives and then Wednesday! we went early to Brno! We were there on exchanges and saw lots of members and things and had a really successful day. Had one new baptismal date by the end. 

Friday i was on splits with Elder Wutzke. I actually met him at EFY in Texas about 3 years ago. He just got here and is serving in Prague too. We taught a great lesson. Today we had a great day. Did service. Had two lesson. One was awesome and the other was a guy who had typed up reasons why our doctrine was wrong. But now its great! Hope the week has been good. Mam vas rad.