Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week 4 - Prague

Well it has been another busy week here in Prague. This time we were in Prague the whole week which was good! Sunday an investigator from Mexico made empanadas for us for lunch which was pretty cool! Sacrament was great and we got to go into the primary for the third hour. on the street We saw a guy with a shirt that said "don't mess with Texas" we got to talk to them for a while. 

Monday we had an office meeting, had apartment checks, and haircuts. and then at Family home evening we had a really cool experience. So we have been teaching this girl Kristina. She is also a friend of a member and after Michal's baptism we set a date with her. Turns out that date wouldn't work for her friends to come. so we sat down with everybody and picked a date. Then the next day she was a little weary of baptism and didn't want it. So the sisters had a few lessons with her and at FHE we were talking and she said so i was gonna postpone my baptism but I'm actually not. When i asked what changed she said " well i guess i got a testimony" It was pretty cool! So the sisters are mostly teaching her now but she will probably be baptized on the 21 April. We had two exchanges this week with zone leaders from Plzen and Hradec Kralove. I was with Elder Picket the first day. WE had a great day and rode on a lot of trams! Lots of fun. Then i was with Elder Carlson. I had served with him in Brno. It was a great day. We work really well together and worked really hard. 

We were supposed to visit a member that night. WE got to his house and called and he said that he was there.. at the building. That was kinda awkward. So we raced back to the building. Thursday missionary's were here for visa work so i had to wait in the mission office so someone would be here with Elder Collins, the guy i trained a year ago. A lot of fun to get to study with him again. We had dinner at a members house that night and showed the prince of peace video. 

A few weeks ago we had all the missionaries film them doing a practice finding situation and Friday we got to watch them all with president. We are working on preparing a training to help us talk to people better. We than had a service project like we had last year for cleaning the Czech republic. It was cold and rainy and we picked up trash for a while. 

Today we watched the first three sessions of conference. I am pretty tried. I missed a couple of talks but it was all great. I really enjoyed priesthood session! Things are going great. Hope you have a great week! Love you!