Saturday, March 25, 2017

Week 2 - Prague

Well this week has almost been as crazy as the first! Church last week was awesome! Really fun members, and member missionary work is in full swing! There is a family From Utah that is here. Both of them served missions here about 24 years ago, and the fathers parents are Czech. They lived here about 10 years ago for their older children to learn Czech and now they are back again for their younger children to learn and they are incredible member missionaries! Every Sunday they have an inspirational night at their house. They called 5 new ward missionaries about 2 months ago. And every week they are supposed to bring a friend to this nights. We play games and things and then have spiritual thoughts. They have it structured out so the people there for the first time learn about god and things. 

Then we are supposed to set up with them during the week. To make the transition the Pohorelciti invite us to teach at their house which is the third story of the church building! So its pretty awesome! Most of our investiatiors are from this! Last Sunday there was also a family from Florida. They had two boys.. Both played water polo. Got to talk to them for a while. There mom got baptized about 3 months ago and they are still investigating. Pretty cool! 
Sunday night at 9 finally got everything for standards and hit standards! Then had call ins and a long night. Monday we had a meeting with Kristina, who is from those inspirationlanights. We taught with sister Pohorelicka and taught about Jesus Christ, Repentance and Baptism. She now has a baptismal date for the 29 of APril! We had a lesson with Michal covering the last things before his baptism today!

We had MLC all day on Tuesday and then started an exchange! Lots of great things coming! We are planning a lot of things for Easter! We had a lesson with a guy named Destiny that night fro Nigeria. We went really in depth into the authority and church of God. Elder Trythall and i taught together. He just replaced me in Slovakia. Wednesday we got a new sticker in our car! There's a picture below! Had a good exchange! some more lessons and things. Last lesson with Michal! Thursday we had a long planning meeting with president. Then went and had lunch and played games with the family from Florida. Shared a Message about god. It went really well! That night we had some member visits. Yesterday we were in Brno for Progressive training with all the new missionaries and it was a lot of fun! 

Today is Michal's Baptism! Its gonna be so cool! I was here in Prague 8 months ago on an exchange when we taught him his first lesson. He is also a referral from a member. And now i am here for his baptism. Things are going really well! Its pretty busy but it is great! Hope things are well! Love ya

Vaclavske Namesti

I forgot to mention we went tracting and it was blowing wind and freezing...
Our car
The mission office