Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 19 - final week in Bratislava, Slovakia

Well, this week has been a crazy last week to the transfer. I can work backward. My time in Slovakia has come to an end and I am emailing from the Czech republic. It is weird to be back! I will be serving in Prague!! And I'll be serving as AP. It's gonna be a fun transfer! IT has started busy! Left this morning at 6. Got here at 11. Had a meeting right away and now working on things for new missionaries this week! Being in Prague means that my pday is now on SATURDAYS. So that's how it will work. 

But the rest of the week has been great! Tuesday we had a potluck dinner with a member which was great! This week I finished reading PMG in Czech. It was a transfer challenge for the mission. Wednesday we were contacting in a park and saw some people throwing around a football. We ended up playing some catch with them which was pretty fun! For mutual this week we carved soap with the young men and on Saturday went bowling with them! We met a really cool guy from Sweden on the street and wanted to meet! We had a couple first lessons and ended up planning for 27 people in weekly planning. A lot has changed in the area over the last 4 months. 

Thursday we went to the Bratislava Philharmonic which was really good! Then transfer call day rolled around. at about 9 we were in personal study and couldn't focus anymore. It was almost like we knew the call was coming. About 5 minutes later president calls. President says" Starsi Hanis, you know I love you right?" I said "Maybe" It will be great to serve around him. Sunday we were in Nitra doing the last of the missionary firesides! I had packed a suitcase and given it to president so it was a pretty nice transfer today. Sunday night we went to the senior couples for dinner. They had a new apartment and we tried to walk there. We looked on the map and said just go along the river, past the graveyard and then up the hill. It worked great until one of the roads didn't exist. They ended up having to come and pick us up and rescue us! IT was a great transfer and this week is starting fast! Hope things find you well! Love you!