Saturday, March 18, 2017

Week 1 - Prague, Czech Republic

Well, this week has been one of the craziest yet! AS I mentioned last week I got here and went straight into a meeting with president. Last Monday we had a meeting with a guy who is preparing for baptism. His name is Michal. I actually know him. When i was serving in Brno i was here in Prague on an exchange and we taught him for the very first time. This time we taught him at a members house and he had his baptismal interview yesterday and is getting baptized next Saturday! Pretty cool!

But after that we had a fireside Monday night with all the trainers, and missionaries going home at president's house, we then had call ins with zone leaders and got home about 1015. We had a good morning Tuesday, a meeting with president, and then went to the airport to pick up the new missionaries. Ten of them came. It was a lot of fun! We ended up getting a little lost on the way back but eventually made it. We took them all on a walk around Prague, keeping them awake and wearing them out. We had dinner with them, told them about the mission, and then took them contacting for the first time. We dropped them off at the place they were staying and got home late. Then early up Wednesday morning. Picked all the new missionaries up at 7. We had breakfast with them and the  trainers and had a meeting where they all got assigned areas. We then had to take them to the notary, and get them legal in the country. There are no office elders so we are in charge of the visa stuff as well. Finally we had a little time to go and talk to people before having the departing missionary dinner and testimony meeting. It was a pretty fun dinner but sad night. Then up at 3 Thursday morning to take the missionary to the airport. Pretty weird to send them off. We got back to the mission home at 6 and we got to take an hour nap. We had district meeting and district finding, before having a meeting with president preparing things for MLC. We had a meeting with an investigator from Ghana and had a lot of work to get done after that. Friday we had a call meeting with all the new district leaders and then had some time to find before going to Stamberk. That is the place where we had the mission conference during Christmas. They had a two day retreat thing for new members of the last year, as well as a family history conference. We were there to support and help. And it was a blast. So much fun to see lots of members and people from all my past areas. It was a blast, We slept there and then this morning came back to Prague. IT has been a crazy week. Lots going on but it has been great. I am already exhausted but we just keep on going. Hope all is well! 
S Laskou,