Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 17 Bratislava, Slovakia

This has been a great week! Time flew as usual. Tuesday we helped the senior couple here move apartments which was fun and spent some time planning our part of training for Thursday. We have one really cool investigator right now. WE met with him twice this week and had some of the most solid lessons about the plan of salvation. He said himself he was thinking about baptism without us even asking. Pretty cool! Wednesday we also visited an older couple who i had actually met before. We had called people in our area book and they said we could visit. I met the husband about 2 months ago he gave us his book of Mormon back. Then we went and gave them a book of Mormon again. Pretty funny!

But training this week was one of the best trainings of my mission. It was awesome! The sister training leaders talked about families and changing how we approach finding and praying for families. For us to really focus on them instead of just hoping to find them. It was really great! After we trained about perspective and attitude. We talked about what our perspective is and how we can change it. I talked about physics, the principle of simultaneity, and how we have to change our perspective to see what God sees in finding. We then talked and showed pictures of airplanes. We showed one of a really nice plane just cruising in the sky. WE talked about how it is beautiful and it is doing a wonderful job and will get where we want to go safely. WE then showed pictures of blue angels! And showed how they are not on autopilot! We talked about this in missionary work that sometimes we go on autopilot and we check in and out. OR we do the same things again and again. We read some quotes from Dad about this and had a really good training about this and how each person we contact we change them. Not planting seeds but spiritually change the people we come in contact with. The assistants came after with a training about positivity and effectiveness and president closed it out with a really spiritual training about companions. IT was an awesome training! 

Saturday we went and helped a member clean his factory that he bought. It's the same guy we helped in December. This time we made a lot of progress. Nothing like throwing mattresses and furniture down a stair well! We had a really nice Sunday and lots of great experiences. WE have been led to lots of families and we are seeing changes happening! The weather is getting warmer and good things are happening! Hope you have a great week!

S Laskou,