Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 14 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Well it has been another full week! We got to watch the mission broadcast this week and started with the new schedule. For us not much has changed but we plan in the morning, have shorter comp studies and lunch, and its a little more flexible when we do things. We have already been pretty flexible with studies and things but it is good! We had a good training along with that. We trained on being professional missionaries. We talked about the difference between professionals and amateurs. How it comes down to how we act and carry ourselves. We related it to practicing. And how we need to practice what we will teach everyday. And even if we already know it we need to warm up. I talked about water polo and how we would warm up 6-5 before each game to show we know what we are doing. I related that to practicing in the mornings and showing God that we know what we are doing. There were some other good things as well! We had an exchange after. I was with Elder Arens again and we had a good exchange together and found some great people.

Thursday night we had the opportunity to visit a recent convert whose wife has been pretty against him being in the church but she stayed and listened to our conversation which was awesome! Friday we tried to go back to a house we had tracted into. We had met the wife and she had said to come back. We had already been back once but they didn't have time. And another time they weren't there. This time the father came to the door and said in English "This is your third time here. Lets make it your last" So that was a bummer. But we had a cool experience on Sunday and we were in the same neighborhood, And we were ready to go and my companion was in the car and i had the thought to go visit someone else who had said we could come back. At the same time the car didn't start so we took it as a sign. And we ended up seeing the first lady! She didn't really acknowledge us more than say hi but for some reason She needed to see us because the other family wasn't home!

Saturday and Sunday were great days, The weather warmed up some and Saturday the snow began to melt. We went to a park and trekked all over slipping and sliding on the hills trying to find people. Sunday we had a full day and lots of cool experiences. One couple had seen missionaries in Portugal and looked us up on Wikipedia and we were able to give them a book of Mormon. We had a few second lessons and some other good things happening. This week will be a good week. We will be gone most of the week traveling with president in Slovakia but it'll be a fun week! Hope you have a great week! Love ya!