Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 15 Bratislava, Slovakia

Well this week has been full of traveling. Things have been great though, and we have been blessed! Tuesday we had a good district meeting about the spirit and how much we are led by the spirit. I had some time to think. We are led all the time. So many times we have thoughts to do things. to say something- To go a different way and it happens! we did a practice where a 19 year old kid asks us who God is -- the catch is you're on the way to a lesson and don't have much time. Fast forward to that night. Its about 1730 and we have a lesson at 18 we have a little time and our contacting people on our way to the building when a 21 your old guy asks who God is. Coincidence? Not at all. Fast forward to Saturday we have a first lesson and he accepts a baptismal date! Pretty cool! 

Wednesday we started travels. First to Trencin about a little more than an hour away by train. We were on exchanges with the missionaries there. We had some good lessons. Met with a family, and visited a guy they had met a few weeks before. We ended up missing a bus to meet the other missionaries for dinner so we contacted the rest of the night without dinner because we didn't have keys until the other missionaries got to the apartment at 9! Always good times. We met some funny guys and had some good experiences! Thursday we did a big singing display because the sister training leaders were also in TRencin and we had about 9 missionaries there. At 1 President Showed up and we headed to Kosice. We got there at 18 taking a stop a long the way so president could do an interview with a guy writing a book. In kosice we had a fireside about missionary work. There were four parts: The first about what we do all day, we had pictures and explained it, showed our planners, The second part was about ward mission leader and what there role is and how that is our goal, The third part was about how to react when new people come to sacrament meeting. We had some demonstrations and the fourth part was the part we were in charge of. We used the Europe area plan and talked about how to invite people to come to activities or hear about the gospel. 

WE have three steps
1 Use religious words in everyday life
2. When people ask you about things in the church, share a simple answer and testify that it makes you happy. Then ask them why they are asking
3 This is the real invite. But you must decouple your relationship from the invite. Tell them You have something really important and want to ask them something but just so they know however they answer doesn't matter, you'll be friends still and it doesn't depend on it. 

Things went really well. WE had lots of practicing and fun! 

Friday morning we went up on a mountain with the missionaries and read the prayer given when Slovakia was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel. We said our own prayers for the people of Kosice. We then headed to Banska Bystrice, We passed the Town of HANISKA. We did the same fireside that night and then headed home to Bratislava. WE stopped at a little restaurant and had good Slovak food. In the middle of dinner president got up and went over to a family he saw and gave him his card. Pretty awesome guy! 

After being gone all week Saturday and Sunday we were blessed! WE had some meetings with investigators, Two eccepted baptismal dates. Three came to church on sunday. We did the same fireside on sunday for our branch during church which got a little awkward with our investigators there but it turned out really good! Lots of fun! Things are great here!

Tonght we are headed to Prague and Saturday to trencin and sunday to Zilina. Lots of things going on. Its a little bit warmer. The lord is blessing us and things are great! 

S laskou
Starsi Hanis

President took us to a ski resort

The menu says "Welcome in the devils restaurant"