Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 16 Bratislava, Slovakia

Well It has been another busy week and full of traveling again. Last Monday we headed to Prague for MLC on Tuesday so we were there the first two days of the week. MLC was great we talked about a lot of good things. We talked about teaching in members and investigators homes more and trying to shift towards that. We teach almost exclusively in the church building. We had a lot of good conversation and this coming week Thursday we are training so we have lots to get ready.
Wednesday we had a great day in Bratislava. in the afternoon our phone rings and its a sister missionary from a referral center in America. Some guy in Bratislava was chatting and asking about English and things. It was pretty funny as we talked to her and she told us her name was carol. Turns out its a guy Karl.  He came to English and we had actually met him two weeks ago tracting. We gave them a card and they said they were looking for a society where they can learn about god and practice English. They found the right one! We had a really good lesson with him and another one on plan tomorrow. Also on Wednesday a guy we met about 3 months ago set up and we had a first lesson with him that went well.
Wednesday night we started exchanges with missionaries from Nitra. I was with Elder Harp and we had a great day. We had a goal to write our testimonies in Books of Mormon before giving them to people so we had some great experiences. A few people said they would meet with us the next day and had a successful day.
Friday three lessons didn't show up but we did have a lesson with a deaf member and watched President uchtdorfs talk from the last general conference. We had a district dinner that night on dad!
Saturday we were off to trencin and we did our fireside for the members there and spent time with the missionaries. Sunday was the first time on my mission that i haven't been in church in the area where i am serving. We were in Zilina and also did that same fireside. We got back to Bratislava around 3 in the afternoon. We had dinner with the senior couple and then had two hours after. We needed one new investigator in order to hit standards. We had texted and called a bunch of people but no one had responded. We were running around the city talking to everyone but not too much luck. So we said a prayer and we  then saw four young teenage boys. WE stopped and talked to them and ended up teaching them about Joseph Smith and God. They set up to meet on Tuesday but for them to be a new investigator we have to get their contact. They didn't give it because we are meeting where they have sports practice right before. So they didn't count as new investigators yet. At the end of the day we didn't have another one... But we woke up this morning and one of the people we had texted yesterday confirmed a meeting for this week. God made us work until the end, and then we prayed at the end of the night and we said we had done everything the rest was on him. He holds up his bargain!
It has been a great week, things are going well! Take care
S Laskou
Starsi Hanis