Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 9 - Bratislava, Slovakia HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Well the last week of the year was a full week! With p-day on Tuesday.  It was a little strange. But on Wednesday, we had to get up at 3:30 am to go wait at the foreign police for some missionaries. I drove and on the way got pulled over.. They just wanted to check my breath and then they left. Phew! We got there and we appeared to be the first ones there and then some random people showed up and stated that they had been there before. Basically it is just a pretty interesting system there. The whole story will have to wait for another day. 
We had permission from president to go home at 6:30 and sleep a little to not be as exhausted which was nice. Wednesday at 12 all of the missionaries arrived from Slovakia to head to the Czech republic for a mission conference. We followed the bus in the car because there weren't enough seats for everyone. We ended up arriving at the place at 15:30 and the bus got there at 19:00. IT was a long day. We had dinner and some announcements and a fireside about Jerusalem. We went to bed and got up and played sports and went for a run through the country side. We had training in the morning, WE discussed a number of things which will change a few things in the new year and are changing standards soon which will be good changes! 

After training,  president had us change into casual clothes and we had a talent/variety show for two hours which was pretty fun! We had a kind of stomp thing we did as a district. There were some pretty funny things done. President and Sister pohorelicti also prepared a fear factor thing for us all.  I got something which i think was blood sausage. Pretty gross. And to end the night, they showed us a Czech fairytale movie which was really fun! The next day we had sports again and then had testimonies for departing missionaries. Our sisters are already finishing pretty crazy. Also three of my companions are dying. 

We left that morning straight to Trencin. There i did a baptismal interview before coming home Friday night. Saturday we had a good day and had to be inside by 4. Fireworks had already started going off everywhere. We went to bed and weren't even planning on getting up at midnight but at midnight it felt as if the war had started. Right outside our window were so many fireworks going off. Our whole building was shaking that it even woke me up.

Sunday we woke up and my companion was pretty sick and i had a cold. We had to stay home from church and i got a lot of scripture reading done. Today we went to the doctor for my companion and he should be on the mend. This is the last week of the transfer! Hope you all have a great new year! 
Love ya,