Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 11 Bratislava, Slovakia

IT has been a chilly week but not the worst! We have had lots of snow and ice! The coolest it got was -12 It was a great first week of the transfer. Tuesday we still had elder Cahoon with us before we got up early wednesday morning and took him to the train station to head to Prague and then home. 

Tuesday was a good day. We had a few lessons on plan that went pretty well. One was a first lesson for the most part and it was kind of all over the place. The guy had a a lot of interesting ideas. But he ended up coming to church on Sunday and had a great experience. The members took him in and he called it a big energy that was there! For mutual this week we played foursquare and made donuts which turned out pretty well. Thursday we had a lesson with a guy and he has been around the church for a while but we were able to set a lot better expectations so we hope we can also teach his family this week! President was in town after and came to district meeting and lunch with us! Always good to be around him. 

Friday morning it was sunny and blue skies and we went outside and within 30 minutes it had turned into a big snow storm and snowed the rest of the day! A few fun stories from the week include my companion getting kissed on the temple by a drunk guy, Me trying to learn stick shift.. As well as never being more tired. Personal study this week was the hardest ever. I tried a lot of things this week to stay awake. I drank tea and fell asleep.. I chewed gum and fell asleep while chewing gum. Never been more tired! I even fell asleep at my desk after planning while reading preach my gospel. That hasn't happened yet!

On Saturday at game night i got to play ping pong with this man from Vietnam. Oh man was he good! We played for an hour straight! He taught me a lot and we had some pretty good rallies by the end! Shad probably doesn't stand a chance against me anymore! Sunday was a nice day. We got to go to the Russians family house for dinner which is always a great experience! So nice to be there and our senior couple from Australia got back after having to go home for a few health things! We also had some good tracting!
This transfer we have a challenge from President Pohorelicky to read all of PMG as a mission. So we started that this week! Sunday i also gave a talk in church about finding and losing and i talked about a certain 50 mile hike which was fun! IT has been a good week and hope things find you all well! Love ya!