Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 12 Bratislava, Slovakia

Well this week has flown by! As i mentioned last week Our senior couple just got back from having to go home for a few weeks and it has been a good first week! On Tuesday we headed to Prague in the morning. We had a meeting with president and one of his counselors about member missionary work in Slovakia. We are planning a fireside for members in each branch about how we can do better! It'll be exciting! After that starting at 2 we had MLC at presidents home. It was very effective and we got a lot of things done for the beginning of the year! We had some great conversations and some cool experiences in seeing a quorum come together. We had dinner at their house and 4 of us actually slept at the phorelickys house! We had interviews with president that night and just got to talk and sit with them.!
In the morning we took a run down across Charles Bridge! (The Big Famous bridge in Prague) No one was there! We got home and president and his wife were making breakfast for us! That was pretty awesome! It was like being at home almost! Cant say i slept the greatest but it was fun! We finished MLC and then headed on home and got home around 7 or 8 and we had missionaries from Nitra coming for an exchange. I was with Elder McCallister who has only been here one week! It was a fun exchange! Pretty cold but good things! 

We went tracting to a small vesnice and there were a few people that said we could return. I thought it would be great with elder McCallister! Well the first guy we knocked and kind of angry he tells us we had already been there! We kindly reminded him that he said we could return. He said "Well yeah in a year! or two or three! Not in two days.." It had been a week! Pretty funny We were able to have a first lesson back at the building with someone. Which went well. Saturday we had to go to trencin for a baptismal interview. We went in the morning and did some finding with them before the interview. 

On a tram on the way home i started talking to a guy and he said he had no interest. So i asked him who he knew and he said sorry i don't understand Czech just Slovak. Turns out he was from Canada but his parents were Slovak. But he still didn't really have interest and said i should talk to someone else. So i did. I talked to a few other people and then made eye contact with that guy and he motioned for me to come back. He ended up wanting to meet! So we are excited to meet with him this week! It has been a good week! Lots of other things that i don't have time to mention! But i have you all have a great week! Love you