Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 10 Bratislava, Slovakia

Well as i mentioned last week my companion was sick. Last Monday it didn't take long until i had a good fever and was pretty miserable too. I didn't feel too great all week but worked anyway and we had an interesting week!
For one i have never sneezed so much in my entire life. I could even beat dad! We met some really interesting guys this week. One guy on the street talked a lot about polygamy and never liked our answers. Even from the bible! We had an interesting lesson with a man who is a very strong Catholic. There were some funny moments about things being from the bible! On wednesday our plan fell through and we had thirty minutes. WE decided to try and go visit a member which was about 15 minutes away. It was the craziest thirty minutes, We got on a tram, gave someone a book of Mormon, taught another lady, visited the member and found another person on the way back.
on Thursday we had our culture night for the transfer. We went to the museum and it was about propaganda during the holocaust here in Slovakia. It was pretty interesting. It was the stuff that no one really talks about. Learned a lot. We had a lesson with a deaf member which is always fun trying to communicated and had our last exchanges. It was freezing!! But we ended up finding a cool guy. He had met missionaries before and wanted to talk to us. His girlfriend had just broken up with him and been kind of lonely and needed help moving! Pretty cool to run into him.
Saturday was the coldest day! At 11 in the morning it was -10 c and the wind was blowing enough to hold you up if you leaned over! It was crazy. Some members took us on a hike in a forest which was fun and then we had game night. I played the best game of chess ever and beat this less active member. He let out the best gasp as he lost. hopefully hell start coming more!
Sunday was an interesting day all of our plans fell through but we ended up visiting someone with the sacrament . Visiting a potential investigator, singing, giving someone a blessing.
Today is transfers! Elder cahoon is out of here back to Utah on Thursday and my new companion is elder Mueller. Still zone leaders. He is from Washington and went to the naval academy before his mission. It should be a fun transfer if we don't freeze. Hope you have a great week!