Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 18 in Brno - Slovakia

This week has been a busy week! Hence why we are emailing today. Yesterday we were in Slovakia for training. But things are going great here in Brno. A year ago I got to the Czech republic and my first week in ostrava we started working with a member named Zdenek after i left ostrava didn't have too much contact with him. But he is now in Brno and we are working with him again. IT is pretty cool! This week we have played lots of floor ball. In the mornings with both us and the sisters in a three some and a member who likes to play sports we all run to a park and play for about 20 minutes it has been pretty fun! I read a great talk this week about atheism from elder Holland. That is exactly what we have here. IT is interesting Tuesday night we had our culture night for the transfer. We went to a string quartet which was really good! in the middle the old lady next two us had a heart attack or stroke so the ambulance had to come which added to the experience. 

We taught a lot this week! We had a great lesson with Richard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, unfortunately he wasn't at church. We had a really cool experience this week. We were traveling to a lesson and on the way we met a guy and ended up riding past our stop. In the end he didn't have interest. So we had to travel back to where we needed to be and on the way met another guy. This time we didn't have enough time to keep riding with him so we said we had to get off and he got off with us! Which never happens! He is now on baptismal date and came to FHE yesterday and came on the vylet with us this morning! He's way cool! 

We got invited to a bible study class so we went this week and it was really cool. IT was in English and the highlight was one of the Czechs got a little confused so we piped in and translated it and the rest were like "whats this? The Americans are teaching Czech now?" IT was pretty funny! Sunday we had fast Sunday again because this Sunday the freiburg temple will be rededicated and will be broadcast here. WE are pretty excited! About 7 at night we got a call form a YSA couple saying they had made fruit dumplings and had extras. So we got to break our fast a little early! IT was great!

Like i said yesterday we were in Slovakia for training. It was great and our first real training with president pohorelicky. He gave a great training on harvesting and how we can improve. He talked about how when the first combines were created people probably were a little hesitant to use them instead of a scythe but showed how we can work together and find better ways to teach the people here! It was really cool! I had to translate the second half which was fun and then today we went to Moravsky kras which is some caves! They were really cool and we had a way fun time. This week is already flying, We have transfers as well! Hope you all have a good week! Love ya!