Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 14 in Brno

Well as the subject says it was my turn for something this week. With one of my companions being sick two weeks ago this weekend it was my turn and was out Saturday and Sunday which was a bummer. I had started to get ill Thursday but we kept working and by Saturday i had a fever of about 101.5. Things are mostly better now but it has been good week!

Last Monday for family home evening we did a service project at a members home. WE finished up and he tells us to come over and he has some Bocce balls. Turns out they were shot put balls and we started to have a shot put competition. We were sore on Tuesday! This week we had a pretty fun singing display and as a district found 5 new investigators! Wednesday i met a really cool woman in a tram who in the end wanted a book of Mormon and i was able to write my testimony in it for her. It was awesome to see how the things i had learned i could write and personalize it for here! Wednesday night we started an exchange with Missionaries from olomouc. There's a pizza place here 40 which has a deal if we order 2 we get another free. And its free delivery. Usually i order the pizza but this time One of my companions ordered. It usually takes 40 minutes. He ordered at 8:10 at 10 o clock they arrive. WE ordered 5 pizzas and they came with 11.... That was a surprise! When my companion ordered he said we wanted 6 and asked if that sale still applied. They said no so he said ok rather 5 pizzas then, but they heard plus. That was a lot of pizza!

Thursday morning we had district meeting at our apartment with president and sister pohorelicky. With interviews after. It was a lot of fun to have them with us. We taught a really cool polish guy this week also and we will see what happens with him. Thursday night we got to go to a members house for dinner which was a lot of fun. WE had great food and had a really good time! Friday we had a guy show up who hadn't given us his number which doesn't happen to often. HE was really cool. WE had taught have of the plan of salvation when he asked how are church started so we started teaching the restoration too! Plans always change. Hope things are going well and that you all have a great week!