Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 19 in Brno

I am still in Brno for my third transfer here! Transfers were pretty wild and now we have four missionaries here in Brno. All living in our apartment. WE built bunk beds over the weekend. I am with elder Carlson and then Elder Shirley from my MTC group and elder Hymas are with us! 

This week was an interesting week. Tuesday night we had dinner with a member from Michigan which was pretty awesome! Wednesday morning we woke up and Elder Smith was sick and was sick and was sick. We were inside until Friday night and we dragged him to the building for sports night. Saturday we were able to work for the most part but was sick Sunday as well. It was a long week! Some highlights from the week though! Elder smith described his sickness and said in Czech that he was sick and then it burned.. But he meant to say it got worse.. It was pretty funny! 

Saturday we cleaned the building with the ward to get it ready for the temple dedication on Sunday. We built bunk beds and then got to watch the cultural celebration. It was way cool! And really spiritual. They talked a lot about communism and the affect in all the countries. At one point all the youth were dressed as missionaries and showed how the gospel came back in. It was a spiritual night. Sunday we got to attend two of the sessions in our building. It was cool to feel the spirit of the temple. Our building and the building in Prague were the only ones for the Czech republic and it was just like the temple. IT was a cool experience. 

Today has been a busy day. We picked up and sent different missionaries all day, then we went shopping and bought for 4 missionaries. And that's about it! Hope you all have a great week! Love ya