Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 15 in Brno

This week has been a great week! First of all happy Birthday amber and happy anniversary Jamie and Trent.
This week we had a lot of fun! At FHE last week we played a fun game. It is kind of like set and blink but is called Jungle speed! Pretty fun! On Tuesday we taught a recent convert here about the atonement. We took foil and made boats and then filled it with beans and when they sank we talked about our trials in life. That every boat at some point will sink but Jesus takes them away! We at least had fun with it! 
We met a really cool guy this week. we were starting  to head back for dinner about 8 on wednesday and we started talking to a guy. We had talked about 5 minutes and we asked where he was going and he said on that tram that just left.. He had already missed one tram to talk to us. We ended up talking for about an hour about the restoration. IT was really cool and most often people are always in a hurry and never would miss a tram or bus for us. IT was cool to see the spirit work on him.On Thursday we were in Prague again for MLC which is always good and good to be around president!
Friday  night we had  a film night. We showed meet the Mormons and translated it to Czech. And it was a good activity. 

Saturday we went with a member and did service with his daughters family who is less active. They are building a house. WE moved rocks for 2 hours. It was good service. His daughter had actually said they didn't need help but He brought us anyway. WE are a crew when there is three of us and we can get a lot done. That night we had  a really cool experience. WE were in a park because two weeks earlier a guy said he could meet but didn't come and so we talked to the next person. She began to tell us all about her life and she needed the gospel. She had been thinking lots about death and the purpose of life and we testified and bore testimony and then my companion pulled out his guitar and sang. It was really cool to see how we would lift here right when she needed it the most. She also came to church along with 2 others for the first time! IT was a great week! 

Today we went on a little trip to a castle. At the reservoir here is a boat that takes you. IT was pretty fun! Hope you have a good week! This week i have studied a lot about the beginning of the church! Joseph is a prophet. He did what he did and saw what he saw!