Monday, May 16, 2016


This week was quite the week! Sunday lived up to everything. There is a stake in the Czech republic. Martin Pilka was called as the stake president with Michal Hanzal (the branch president from liberec) and Roman Cadeni from Brno were called as counselors. Radovan Canek was also called as a patriarch. It was amazing! I will come back to it

On Monday our favorite cereal was on sale and we bought about 12 bags for the rest of the transfer! Tuesday we found an american restaurant and got a blooming onion... not what we expected. It was a whole onion just grilled... It was interesting! 

Thursday we had mission leadership council and it was pretty fun! WE talked about all the logistics for the weekend and how we could help usher and those things. It was pretty cool. President would burst into tears about every 10 minutes. He has given his entire missions to this! It was awesome! The best part is almost always the Jesus thought. President just makes Jesus relatable and personable. It was really cool! It was from Luke about Jesus forgiving a sinner. On the way home from MLC we stopped in Jihlava and went on an exchange. I stayed in Jihlava with elder cook and we had a good exchange. And then came Saturday. It was a pretty crazy day. WE got to the church building in Prague and it was full of all the families waiting to go to the hotel where we had the meeting and it was electric! People were excited! We got to the hotel and it was just crazy! It was so much fun! There were all the members from ostrava nad liberec and coming up to me! Tons of old missionaries were here including Elder Prohazka. It was so cool. We were ushering and got to talk to everyone and then we got to the room and every missionary was standing at the back because that many members had come. President Uchdorf gave a great talk that night about a lot of different things and a lot about defending the gospel. Some examples he talked about the reality of the gospel that it answers the most difficult questions simply which is a sign of truth. He talked a little about the four different accounts of the first vision and related it to mathew mark luke and john. 4 audiences of course they are different! HE said "We use the third account, now whats for lunch!" He talked about the seer stone. Man created an iphone does a lot of what a seer stone can do. Now imagine what God can do! When they decided on the stake he said he had to come here. He said he feels like he is Czech. He also talked about the celestial language was German in heaven.. But that the man at the gates speaks Czech! It was awesome. WE stayed in Prague Saturday night. and then Sunday came. WE were at the yellow palace and greeted everyone outside. It was so fun and then we had the conference. And all the missionaries were standing and they started the business and established 6 wards. One in ostrava! When president got to announcing plzen he broke down because that is where he started his mission when there were only 200 members in the whole country. It was a spirit filled event. The stake presidency was announced. high priest were announced. I met our mission president and he was ordained a high priest. WE talked to members and had a great time. It was a highlight day!  

It was a amazing. It was one of the best experiences to get to see them all and feel it. It was a memorable day! I love you all and hope you have a great week! I will probably be emailing on Saturday of this week as well!