Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday May 21 - Week 4 in BRNO and Saturday p-days

Well first things first we have p-day on Saturday and it will probably be like this for a while. Last Monday we got a call from president and we had an emergency transfer. Elder Croney and I are still together as zone leaders but now we are in a three some with elder Chapple. Elder Chapple is working in the family history archive here in Brno so it has a unique set of things in order to enable that. One is p day on Saturday! The second is that we get up at 6 so we can have studies because we have to drop elder Chapple off at 1030 every day at the archive and then pick him up at 5. That adds a unique challenge to planning. It has been an interesting week. Especially on exchanges!

On Monday of last week Elder Croney and I bought new grammar books and it has really helped us study Czech better! IT has made language study a lot more effective! On Tuesday we had a birthday lunch from dad at the american restaurant. We had A&W root beer, onion rings and burgers. It was delicious!!

This week the windows of heaven have been open and we have found tons of cool people! We have about 15 people that are set up or super solid potentials. That has been really cool! Our investigator with a baptismal date is doing really well. WE taught about the law of chastity and his only question was what other commandments. It was pretty fun! We had exchanges with UH this week and brought them both to Brno. I was with Elder Swink. We had a great exchange and taught like crazy
On Friday we also met two super cool people. One knew a member and said she really saw a difference after he joined the church. She said she would maybe want it and that she would give it a try. We also met a really cool guy from Tanzania. We will see how it all goes. This morning we also went on a vylet with the branch and it was a really cool place. It had a library with books from the 11th century and we saw the first kralick√° bible that was printed ( the same one we use now) This week will be a busy week! We have training on Monday and we are training about church and we will have exchanges later in the week! That's about it from here! The weather is getting warmer! Hope you all have a great week!

Prague from last week

The vylet