Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 3 - Ostrava - First discussions

We taught two return lessons this week with people we met on the street! That was fun! Finding is also good but i really like teaching. One was a lady who looked about 35 but actually was about 55 and has a son about 30 named Jana. The other was with two 14 year old girls who we met outside our house and then taught about prayer and they seem interested. I also got to go on splits a little on Sunday and teach the other Elder's investigator whose baptism should be in a few weeks which was really great too. Besides that we spend the majority of our time finding. 

We taught almost 24 lessons on the street this week and didn't get a single investigator from it which can be slightly discouraging. Two others were also supposed to come to church but didn't show. We did get to go tracting twice this week. both times people said we could come back this week. So we will see. One time was Saturday morning and we went in service clothes and offered service but everyone denied it. Disappointing but we keep trying. A week ago a 23 year old member who has been pretty inactive called us up and asked if we could meet. We were able to last Sunday and he told us his life story and how he doesn't have much going for him. But his plan is to now go on a mission! That spark has already changed him and it is awesome! He starts his mission papers next week and we hopefully be going to the temple sometime in the next two or three months. He is such a cool guy. Always wears berets and has a sweet goatee. We call him Zdenek the kangaroo and he's awesome.
It's getting crunch time for Melchizedek priesthood holders. We are supposed to be teaching potentials every week starting this week the preparatory lessons so they will be hopefully prepared in October when we have district conference and then hopefully a stake soon after that. It is so important. They had a seventy here a few months ago who said we are ready and just need the little things so its a big push.

This week we had some other interesting experiences! We did a few chalk displays and one time i was on one side of the street with a missionary from the other companionship and my companion was across the street. All of a sudden we here a yell and they took off to jump on a tram together. We had an appointment in 5 minutes the opposite direction of the tram they got on and now me and the elder i was with neither of us had the phone... Turns out my companion ran out of insulin in his pump and they had to get on that tram to get to our house 45 minutes away. Slightly crazy. and we had no idea what was going on. The sisters also left their phone on the train in the morning so we couldn't really contact them either. But it was all well! We played a little ping pong this week and church was really fun now that i start to know the members better. They are all amazing people who really go through a lot. It is really hard to be a member in the Czech republic. I made apple sauce this week which was pretty fun! we had a lot of apples from service last week and we figured it out. It is delicious! Really fun. The language is still hard but i am getting more confident. I understand more and open my mouth more on trams. It is great fun! but really hard. Things are going well