Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 4 - Ostrava

This week we had a good week. We kind of have one investigator in Jana and had a super cool lesson about the Book of Mormon. She kind of has some crazy ideas but we started talking about the book of Mormon and she was just silent. That was super cool. Last Sunday we contacted in the park with a chalk display and I talked to this one guy. He was super interested and asked which library might have the Book of Mormon. I went and got one and introduced it and talked about it. Then he said OK now i am wiser. When god Shows me that its time and shows me the sign Ill get more involved. I told him i was the sign! But he just said He wasn't ready and God would only show him when he was ready. So sad how people look for such big things that are right in front of them.

Last week as well we were going home and contacting on trams. We were getting close to home and one stop but it wasn't the right one. The doors close and there's my companion standing out side... I forgot we had to transfer to a bus. It was a long walk balk! My companion is great and such a great example. A quick story from the first day here. We arrived in ostrava and my companion is rejoicing because he began his mission here. He was so excited and loved everything he saw. ME on the other hand only saw industrial, gross, nasty tall apartments buildings. I could not figure out what this crazy guy saw. Ostrava may not be the prettiest city but it is now really cool and I love it here as well!

A couple things! For English class could you send me some good tongue twisters in English? I need some new ones and some fun ones! Also my priesthood order, like ordination thing. (who gave it to who) would be really useful! and any quick recipes! My cooking skills are expanding and i perfected my apple sauce this week. It is quite the good stuff. Everyone has apple trees here and we get them often. Today we taught a lesson in the morning and the sweet old lady gave us everything from her garden.(During communism everyone had a second house outside the city with a garden in order to have something to do. This gardens are huge with everything you can imagine) WE came away with a ton of apples, garlic, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers! Weekly shopping!
I gave my first blessing in Czech this week. Or i anointed with oil. Just read straight off the card but still really cool! 

I got a letter from Baba this week! The other elders went to Prague on friday and brought it back. She sent it on September 1. We can pick up mails and packages at training or when we have to go to Prague which is about once a month. WE have training this week. But again every month. So don't hesitate on letters and things. They will be fun to get. Any small things would be fun that you think i could use! If any one comes across scripture lanyards to mark places in scripture i could use a new one for me Czech scriptures. But no worries! Training should be really fun this week. We have to get up about1:30 in the morning but it'll be great! We are out of pretty much all materials so it will be nice to get them all. We have a ton to bring back this week. Since my companion is from Switzerland it s also easy for his family to send him stuff. Apparently we have a few things waiting which will be fun!

Yesterday we had about 8 lesson planned and weren't going to be able to make it so we went on splits and all of my lessons fell threw. But last night we called the other elders and the elder i was with was asleep at 9:30! Apparently i worked him hard! At least i know we are working hard. I am getting used to it! And i don't go to bed early any more just keep getting things done.

We had a fun sports day this week and the YSA here are so cool! We also played tennis today with our district which was pretty fun. Today we also picked up pocitadlo! They are counters like at amusement parks for the number of people there. My companion and i had someone in the branch order them for us! so we can see how many people we try and talk to in one day! We are pretty excited. Other than that i think I'll have to run! Have a great week!

 Love, Tyler
The red Kostel. We do a lot of things around there in a town square around the corner. It is a really pretty part of ostrava!