Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week 13 - Prague

This week was a great week! Fast Sunday was great and we saw a few cool miracles. We hit standards for the 3 week in a row and on the way to inspirational night we met a woman. She said she wasn't interested but we kept talking to her and we were on the bus and she opened up about how her son stopped believing. She ended up asking us if we had 2 minutes right then to come and meet her son. Got to go over and go inside which was a pretty big step! 

Monday morning a senior couple that just arrived was in Prague and we took them around Prague for about 2 hours showing them the city and things which was fun! While talking to some people on the street my companion tried to show someone where our building was with a pretty exaggerated wave of the hand and ended up smacking me in the face! The investigator was a little sketched out after that... But it all worked out. We got to have breakfast with president this week and we got to visit the patriarch and give him a blessing before an operation. 

We had some really cool lessons with Jana this week! She is loving reading in the book of Mormon. We taught about the word of Wisdom and after explaining what it was she said " i don't understand why were talking about this, i don't drink, smoke, do drugs, and i don't like coffee" She was totally fine with it and tithing just went right with it later. She prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true and she could barely wait till we said the prayer when she blurted out she knew it was true and that she read a chapter all about her in it! Her story is so cool! She is awesome and her baptism should be in 3 weeks. We had some other great lessons. One with a cool young girl who read the plan of salvation pamphlet like 5 times and just kept saying this is so much better than what i've been taught and is searching for church. Friday we got to go to Brno which is like going home and i got to be with E'der Collins who i trained more than a year ago! So fun to be in that city and work with him again! Its been great! Elder Carlson and i are doing good! Lots going on. This week well have a couple exchanges and training and visa stuff! Things are good! Love you all!

I got pooped on by a bird. President let me borrow a shirt.