Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 3 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Well from wednesday until now time has flown! After emailing last wednesday we got on the road to Prague. We left about 16 in the afternoon and I didn't get to the assistants place until 22.15. It was a long drive! We got up the next morning and ran up a mountain and then we had MLC with president Sabin. IT was a good meeting and focused on a couple things. The biggest i think was the role of the spirit in missionary work that we can use our gifts to allow people to feel the spirit. We need to become spiritual giants! Friday we were back and had a normal day. We did a little English contacting and stopped a young couple in English inviting them to English class. The girl turned to the boy in Slovak asked "Do you want to?" And he said "No they look like Jehovah witnesses" We shocked them as we jumped in in Slovak back. They were a little embarrassed but it was pretty funny! 

Saturday we went and tracted for service and we raked a LOT of leaves. Probably over 50 bags full. IT was a lot. That night we had game night and i was undefeated on the night in ping pong. Two right handed one left handed ;) And a game of chess. It has been a while. Sunday was a good day and we had a cool miracle. A woman came to church and sat by me. She said she had met missionaries a lot at the foreign police and she always said she would come to church so this week she did. She had a great time and is going to meet with us later this week! Pretty cool! Sunday night we met a couple people from the Jehovah witness church. we talked to them for a while and it was an interesting experience. But we made it! Today we actually didn't have pday. It will be on Thursday for thanksgiving but we had some good things today. Hope all is well! Love ya!