Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 2 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Well it has been a whirlwind of a week to say the least. New country, different money and a funny language. It has been great! It is pretty similar to the Czech republic. The languages are about the same. I speak Czech and they understand. They speak Slovak and i understand. In the Czech republic they all are atheists. Here they all believe. The church is much smaller here as well. We had two guys call us last Monday who wanted to meet! Pretty cool! They are both progressing now! One has already read to mosiah in the Book of Mormon. The other one wants to baptize all of Bratislava and wants our help! Pretty funny stuff! We woke up and were on the street just as the election was closing. Lets just say we heard about it!
We had our first couple snows this week! Stuck for a few hours and then warmed up! On Friday we had MLC over the phone to prepare for a mission tour this week! We met some really cool people but no one wanted to set up. Saturday night we had a fireside with the 6 missionaries here in Bratislava with president and his wife and Elder and sister Adler from Germany. WE had a great fireside and talked about conversion and Jesus Christ. Our testimony of Jesus Christ can push the holy ghost into peoples hearts. That is the power we have. Sunday those same four were at church and it was a great meeting and great to be there. That night president came over to see our apartment and had an interview with my companion. I had interview with His wife while we waited. The pohorelicti are amazing. I love them a lot! After that the assistants arrived as well as 4 other missionaries staying with us. Monday we had interviews for our zone here so they all came and we flooded Bratislava. We planned a group finding idea to give away book of Mormons for telephone numbers. Only if we would have an opportunity to talk again. We gave out about 100! It was a great day! In the afternoon we went to a different part and we built an 8 foot tall tower out of book of Mormons which drew a lot of attention! It was a long day and everyone stayed the night again because yesterday we had a mission tour with Elder Sabin. we had training all day! It was great! He knew the scriptures. Probably used more than 250 in the 6 hours. It was  a lot of information and it was good. He focused on the spirit and success that we will see it in the future. He said don't be afraid to go out on a limb. Maybe promising blessings or something of the sort because God will not let you fall.
 We also asked about happiness. It says in preach my gospel that more happiness than you have ever experienced awaits you as you serve. He said the happiness is just beginning and will come and and come and will come even more after your mission. I saw Elder Plewe for the first time in a year and a half! That was great! It was fun to be with a lot of missionaries from my MTC group. It was great to be around president. IT was interesting. WE translated the meeting. The first part into English and then we had to translate into Czech because there is a missionary in Slovakia from the Czech republic. IT was an exhausting couple of days. Today we have p-day and then in a few hours we are heading to Prague and we have MLC there tomorrow with Elder Sabin and then we will have a normal weekend. Next week we have to visit some district meetings and a lot more on plan! Things are going great here Love you all!