Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 1 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Well the big news of the week is transfers. I finished 6 months in Brno and really loved it and then came the surprise! I am emailing right now in Slovakia in Bratislava! Ill be serving here for at least the next transfer and as a zone leader again! My new companion is Elder Cahoon and it is his last transfer. That was a shock! But it has been great! Its a new money system, a weird language, and a whole new group of missionaries. It will be fun!

This week has been pretty crazy! Last Monday a member took us to a castle and she knighted us with a sword which was pretty cool. Tuesday we had our last exchange. I was with elder hymas again and we talked to some guy with a knife which got a little sketchy but we were fine! We also had a good lesson with a guy and put him on date for his area which was good! Wednesday we did service with a family and the fed us lunch. After our investigator bronislav saw there was a sign up for meals with the missionaries and he wanted to do it. So we met him and weren't hungry at all and he says"i hope you didn't eat today cause we have a lot of food" he ended up taking us to running sushi. We ate a lot!! IT was pretty fun! We had a cool experience on the way home and someone saw us and she contacted us. She had seen an article about the fLds church and wanted to ask us some questions. She was the very last person we talked to for the day! IT was cool! 

Thursday we had our culture night and we saw a play with a member and bronislav. It was called limonadovy joe. It was pretty interesting! it was a musical comedy. Friday during lunch we went to the kostnice which is a crypt or something under a church which was full of bones! 

We had our Halloween party that night. We dressed up like Nephites! we ran eating the donut off the string. And then they had a fear factor for missionaries... The first round was a tongue twister in Czech and the second was a special type of cheese from olomouc. It is way gross... All of us were gagging. They all love it though. But it tastes like wet dog. and smells really awful. And the third round was tlacenka which is meat in jello.. After the cheese it was pretty good.

Saturday we had a little more service and bench pressed at the end. Did better than last time! Sunday we had stake conference! The first one! IT was really cool. They had 7 new brothers to be ordained to the priesthood and about 20 high priests and called the last members of the high council which was really cool to see. After a year of trying to get just one more brother to be an elder at once 7! It was also cool to see a Czech patriarch, stake president, and mission president all on the stand together.

It was sad to leave Brno and i feel like i have some really good relationships there with some members. It was one of the best days Sunday and a good way to end. Now a new adventure in Slovakia for thanksgiving and Christmas. Pretty crazy! Hope things are well! Love ya!