Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 25 in Brno - exhausted

As the title suggests we are exhausted. This week has been a good one though, Tuesday the weather was pretty miserable. just drizzly and cold but we had a lesson with a guy from Georgia. HE is actually a member and is interested in looking into the church again. We tried this week to tract the richest houses we could find. We weren't too successful in finding big houses so we are trying again this week! With four missionaries together it has been a party and we talk a lot and have covered a lot of topics. It is a blast.

This week we had the chance to go over to the řezačovi for dinner. It is always a privilege to get to be in the members homes/ We had lasagna and played jenga! IT felt like home in some ways. The members here in BRno are amazing. Thursday my companion got blessed by a lady on the street, we met with our investigator and believes everything and knows that baptism has lots of advantages but just doesn't want to get baptized yet! Friday we were on exchanges with elders from Jihlava i had a great day  with elder trythall who was roommates with Ryder Markwalter at BYU. Then after a lesson on Friday night we helped clean the building and got to play around the world ping pong with the youth! 

Saturday we returned to someone we met service tracting and began taking out a tree. ITs been fun! WE had a good sports night and played more floorball. Sunday was also a great day! 

There were a couple of really cool experiences this week! one night on the way home i was talking to someone in the bus and we didn't have too much time and she had no interest at all until i said we can talk with God and her eyes got all big and she was stunned that we believe we can really communicate with our heavenly father. It was really cool. also on Sunday we went to visit a shut in with another member. The member visiting was really struggling to get the right key to the door. After about 5 minutes the wife turns to the husband and just says we should pray and without even hesitating the husband was praying. 

Today we had an awesome pday we went to Breclav which is about a 30 minutes train ride from here and rented bikes. We biked to a few castles and some really cool things. WE biked about 30 KM - More than a year since i have used those muscles, i am sore! That's about got you up to date! Love ya!