Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 23 in Brno

Well the fall is beginning again here in the Czech republic, the weather is cooling off and the leaves are changing. WE have had a great week! On Tuesday, we went on exchanges with the other elders here in Brno. This time We led the exchanges as the zone leaders and in the future it will be the other way now. I was with Elder Hymas, We had a lot of fun, talked to a lot of people but in the end no one would set up! In our English class we talked about thanksgiving. Just around the corner! 

Wednesday we got to help someone in the ward move. From a fourth floor to a second floor and small tiny staircases. Only four missionaries showed up to help! And we only had an hour. We got it loaded in an hour and a half and then was a little disappointed that we were leaving the job undone so we said we could go and unload for 20 minutes. We pounded it out. We were so busy on Wednesday that we didn't get lunch until 1800 which was a lot of fun. We have been teaching a guy from Ghana. He was the most open and prepared guy. We had a lesson later in the week and he had three questions about the resurrection, the Sabbath day and polygamy (my favorite topic) . At the end he said well this is great, I think we are at the point where the next time you could talk about salvation, forgiveness and heaven and hell. Pretty much the plan of salvation! Funny how things go in order! We had some other interesting visits this week! We had one woman who gave us hot chocolate. I think it was half chocolate and half coffee. Another guy made us eggnog and said it was just rum flavoring. I think it was more rum than flavor.

Thursday night we went to that bible study again for comp study. It is an interesting place! But cool to have people see us in a new light. Footnotes make us seem smart ;) On Saturday we helped a guy in his yard and he made us Czech sausages over the fire at the end. After that we had a really cool first lesson with a girl from English. It was a really spiritual lesson about God and prayer. We played floor ball again at sports night. Way fun! 

Sunday was a great fast sunday here for us. WE had 8 investigators in our district at church and we had three of our investigators there which was pretty great! WE made a great big pot of halusky to end the night and we are excited for a good week this week! Hope you all enjoyed conference! 

S laskou
Starsi Hanis