Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 24 in Brno

Another week flew by here! Last p-day we had a fun time with a member here. HE took us bowling and taught us how to throw darts. IT was pretty fun! At FHE we play games and one of the games we have played is jungle speed. It is a Hanis style game. It's about cards and speed. Also a good time. On the way to FHE we were waiting for a tram on a busy stop and one tram came and a less active member got off right where i was standing. We had been trying to contact him for a while to invite him to General conference and it was cool to see how we were in exactly the right place. 

On Tuesday we had lunch from dad and ate tatarak. That's the raw meat and egg! Pretty good! Our English classes are continuing to improve and had 30 people there between the three classes! Wednesday was cold! We had to bust out the thermals.. WE had a cool experience we were contacting and we met a partially blind man. We ended up walking with him to a tram stop and then traveled with him and he was really open to the gospel. We will see how it goes this week! 

Thursday we were in Prague for MLC. IT was a good one and training should be pretty good! I also got shad and dads package which was a big surprise! Thanks! We came home and had a lesson with a guy and put him on baptismal date.Friday we did service and i picked grapes for two hours. Good experience. Finally we got to watch conference which was awesome! My favorite talk was from President Uctdorf about the plan of salvation. The themes of conference for me were about the plan of salvation, prayer and the book of Mormon! IT was a great weekend! Sunday night we went tracting for a little bit and we started to talk to guy on the street with two kids. Turns out he is practicing polygamy and when we said we were Mormons he said "me too. Or at least everyone tells me that" IT was pretty interesting! Other than that not too much else going on here ! We are excited for a good week this week! 

S laskou,
Starsi Hanis