Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 20 in Brno

Its been quite the week! Elder Carslon and i hit it hard and we had a lot of lessons this week. We are still working to grow our teaching pool but we have an interesting area right now! There are four of us living together. Last week we bought 30 bags of cereal hopefully for a good portion of the transfer. It has been a fun week together! We are working with Richard towards baptism and are meeting with him every day to help him. He has a unique situation and we may have to move his date a little. But we will pray for the best. For the last 4 months in Brno i have gone to an Indian place for lunch pretty often this last week the guy asked about the book of Mormon and we may be able to teach him this week! We also found two mothers who we were able to return and teach a little more! 

One day in a park someone was reading harry potter and we got to relate It to the gospel! I had some interesting parallels. IT was pretty fun! We taught the law of chastity a few times this week. Always an interesting experience. The first time i haven't been able to hold it together. But that is a story for another time! On Saturday we did service with that member again and also threw Břemena . I am not sure what its called in englsih but its similar to a hammer throw and we threw javelins again. It was pretty fun! Saturday night we were in a park and ran into a less active member and ended up sitting down and talking for a while. The way we met and the reason we were there was definitely because god wanted us to meet! Sunday was a great day we were fasting with a member who is trying to stop smoking! We also searched for less actives and found one really nice guy who should be at FHE tonight! It has been a great week! Our land lord is building another dresser for us and we have a lot of things in Prague for our apartment with the four missionaries! Thins are going great! Hope you all have a great week! Love ya!