Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 11 in BRNO

This week was a long week but a good one! Transfers were last Monday and elder smith arrived. WE had a fun independence day meal at home and got to work on Tuesday.   A recent convert from Prague who i know was here and we had a fun lesson with him, it was good to see him again and also did a singing display.  Elder smith plays the guitar really well so that is fun!

Then we headed to jihlava to do a baptismal interview. IT was a guy i had contacted with elder cook last transfer on an exchange. Pretty cool! Wednesday we had a little time in the morning to go contact. We got to a park and this guy was running... I forgot to mention that elder Smith really likes to run so we have been running a lot. But we got there and we took off with this guy running for about 15 minutes, about 3 km and taught him a lesson. IT was pretty cool! and fun! we were worn out after our 5k run in the morning too. 

This week we have only been speaking Czech which has been fun! It has been a good change. I am used to driving again after heading to Prague on Thursday. We had MLC which was good to be with president Pohorelicky a little more! Here in Brno everything works which has been really cool. WE had a really good correlation meeting which was awesome! Friday we had a good day but My one companion elder smith started to not feel well. We had sports night and he was really down. after we went home and he slept from 8:30 until 4 on Saturday and woke up pretty sick. He was feeling well enough to go to the baptism for the sisters here in Brno but we came home right after and then our mission president had us go to the hospital. We got home Saturday night about 12:15 in the morning and got some medicine for him. We were home all of Sunday and he is slowly recovering today. It was a long weekend. Got a lot of different things done though. Not the most fun though. Other than that just hoping to be all well tomorrow and hit it hard this week! Love hearing from you! Have a good week.