Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 6 - Go Get 'em

This week was a little bit longer this week and a little harder than most. It has had some real highlights as well. My companion went home this morning so the next few days will have some adjustments.

We had an apostle this week! Russel M. Nelson came to the devotional on tuesday and spoke. It was an amazing meeting that I'll write more about in a second. On sunday we also Had Sherri Dew come speak to us. Both talks we're excellent. I am now serving as the district leader for the rest of our stay in the MTC. Basically it means i have to go get the mail twice a day. I am always thankful for mail and dear elders because they show up daily. The donuts from shad we're loved by my district and our teachers. Carries packages are always fun as well. Pictures are still one of my favorite things. Other than looking at pictures there isn't much time to think about home. Have you checked my IB scores? You just need to email/call the school to get my information and then you should be able to check them. 

Also another black belt would be good. My belt should match my shoes and i only have black shoes. Right now i have a dockers belt. I will send a picture of the label. Have you gotten me a new credit card yet? Time is beginning to wind down. We will most likely get our travel plans next week and find out about our visa and what not. If anyone feels inclined to send snacks such as dried mangoes or anything else they are always welcome. The days are really blurring together but it has been fun. I really am starting to have a love for the language. Our teachers are excellent and my companion and i would speak Czech a lot throughout the day. Sometimes it is nice that no one else knows what we are saying. This can be kind of fun. WE had our first Skye visit yesterday which was pretty nuts. They have a room full of computers and everyone is talking at once. This is really hard to hear at times and so that was difficult but i could understand a lot. Hopefully next week goes better. I have memorized the first vision in Czech now but when i tried to do it in a lesson i get a little confused hopefully i get some more practice this week and i have started memorizing more scriptures again. I had the opportunity to give my first priesthood blessings this week. Tuesday night i gave one to my companion and then Wednesday night a sister in our district asked for a blessing. IT is cool to have the words come, as thoughts memories and others. I would sometimes know exactly what to say and others just begin and a word would just keep coming out. At one point i was prompted to bless her with the ministering of angels. I slightly ignored it because i thought it was just the natural man in me since i had been studying that earlier in the day. The thought came again and this time i proceeded to follow it and realized the reason i Had been studying that topic is so that it would come to my mind in this. Later talking with this sister she said she was amazed by the blessing because all she had told us was she wanted a blessing of peace and comfort, but that the blessing had touched on every one of her concerns.

The majority of our zone left monday and tuesday. WE have since gotten 13 more elders but it was sad to see a few of them go. Elder Brady going to Turkey was a great friend while being here.

I mentioned earlier about the firesides. Both were phenomenal. Sister Dew talked about if we need answers to engage in a spiritual wrestle like Enos and wrestle for those answers. If we need angels to minister we can ask, if we need to know what the spirit feels like we can ask him to teach us. We can ask all things in humility and faith.

Finally tuesday came with much anticipation with rumors of an apostle coming circulating the campus. Everyone in our district except for Elder Stacy and I went to sing in the choir. WE decided we would get the front row seats next to the door he walks in in hopes of shaking his hand. WE got in line about an hour early and ended up getting those seats. However there was a row of 4 adults right in front of us. With anticipation President Nelsen came in carrying a very unique and experienced spirit with him. He looked right at us and smiled as he came in. And the full impact of his 91 years was evident. This meeting was broadcast to all the MTC's in the world and was quite the production. They began with a video of learning in the MTC and it is still hard to believe that we are here. As he began to speak he taught with power and you could feel that he was being supported. He talked about the age change and how even the apostles weren't sure how it would all work but that they knew the lord would guide them. As we sang the opening song, called to serve, between verses under his breath you could see him mouth bum bada bum bum. It was pretty funny to see but also realize that we are just like him with a similar calling and same resources. At the conclusion of the meeting he came back down the stage and shook everyone of those four adults hands on the row in front of us... HE then looked right at us and said "Go Get Em" 
So we will and we prepare. I am sleeping better and better each night and am more an more tired. The language is fun and the gospel is great too. I have started writing topics on note cards and then putting scriptures associated with them on it. Maybe by the time i come back i will have recreated Dad's notes and quotes book. The work moves on. As always I love hearing from you. Dear elder works excellent especially with these last three weeks. Thank you for all you support

Elder Hanis