Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week 7 - Nejkulikaťolinkatěší

My new favorite word this week! means to be the most round or the most marble like. It is quite the mouth full but the nice thing about Czech is that you can just sound it out and you can pronounce it. This has been a pretty good week but definitely different as I am in a trio companionship now. It has been a learning experience but it has been good. 

Sonny George came into the MTC last week because he didn't get his visa to Brazil so it was really fun to get to see him but he got it, so he leaves next week. I am excited for Josh to come and get to see him before I leave.

We only have a week left! It is crazy how slow and fast it has gone. We should get travel plans soon which is even more exciting. We will get to call home most likely at the airport so that will be fun. If there's anything i think of that i need this week--  I will probably have permission to write home during the week to tell you so be on the look out for that. It is an exciting time here and we are all getting anxious to leave. We had a better Skye visit yesterday which was a lot of fun and we have covered all the grammar principles in our book, not that we understand them yet. But we will have lots of practice this week and I am looking forward to it. 

We took our second Language assessment last night which went alright but never as good as we speak the rest of the day. We are trying to mentally prepare for the Czech Republic but we are just ready to be there. The packages and mail have been fun this week. The donuts and other box from shad have been fun but we are saving the bottle of martinellis for a special occasion. Not sure what that will be yet though. We are anxiously awaiting our travel plans. 

Other than that the week has been relatively the same. The gym has been closed so devotionals and gym have been a little different. The Nashville tribute band is coming to the MTC to perform and we are singing with them. It will be quite the adventure. But hopefully fun. IT is like christian rock which is way different than what has been at the MTC before. We had one of the same speakers this week again who talked about the importance of church attendance. it was a good meeting about rededicating our sabbath days.

On tuesday we had a member of the seventy who gave a great talk about consecrating our service. He talked about giving our heart, might, mind and strength to the Lord. He shared his experiences with calling stake presidents which was very cool to see how revelation came to him. He also talked about three principles of life that if we build on all aspects of our life will succeed. That is a foundation of Power, Love, and conviction. We are trying to apply that to our studies and it is a very cool principle. We were told we we're no longer allowed to get up early and do laundry so that is still ahead today along with writing some real letters and gym time. It is fun to hear from everyone especially with one more week of dear elders. Zach has requested a real letter for a future missionary so that will be coming too. The temple was very nice today and last week i did initiatory for Andreas Hanis, This week i did his endowment which was very cool. It was crazy to think that amber was right outside the MTC this week. We only go outside in the afternoon for gym usually so we were a few hours apart. But the bag from the BYU bookstore and  the shirt were lots of fun.

It sounds like the Beach house was lots of fun. I was pretty jealous but didn't actually think about it too much. I just miss the water most of all. New missionaries arriving is always a fun time of the week and we greet them just like we got greeted with lots of "Welcome to the MTC" It is funny to see them lost and trying to adjust. Time is starting to go slower and faster at the same time. One more PDay here and then we will be gone. Its the last week with mail coming every day so that will be fun . The picture book i am excited about. I will take some things to get dry cleaned today. As for topics to send just about feeling the spirit, teaching with it or anything like that. I hope all is well

for our favorite sister????

Our zone!