Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 5 - Singing in Czech

For the first time this week we got to sing called to serve in Czech. I have now found my new favorite song. It beat out a close second which was the day dawn is breaking in Czech. Each time we sing that we get faster each verse making quite the ordeal signing as fast as you can in Czech. The language is really fun at times and really hard at others. Our teacher told us that he has begun to speak at his regular speed with us and we can usually understand. WE are speaking a lot more Czech outside of class, and it is definitely helping.

Last week each of us began teaching another missionary as an investigator in a role play. We combined with the two Slovak missionaries as well. I ended up getting paired with Elder Bednar (he is related to THE elder Bednar) but he speaks Slovak. They are similar languages but it was really difficult. Sometimes we would ask one question and get the answer to another question all together. 

The grammar continues to get more difficult but the cases sometimes become easier. I have just about memorized the first vision, all of verse 16 and 17 in Joseph Smith history. It has been extremely difficult but it is coming along. We have lots of opportunities to study the book of Mormon as a class. One of the things our teacher talked about was Mosiah 24. The book of Mormon combats fear and doubt and the power of covenants is real. IT provides a way for us and God will be merciful because of our covenants. In my personal studies this week i stumbled on a scripture that really give a vision for who i want to be. 3Ne7:18 where lehi taught with such power they could not disbelieve his words. 
Pictures and letters are always lots of fun to receive. I got a package from Carrie this week with all the rules on when i can eat it. The skittles are for each time i memorize a vocabulary word which sometimes gets a little more difficult to keep track of. I aim for about 30 a day along with 2-4 phrases and a scripture. It keeps me busy. A few things, If you can find my small English hymn book in my scripture bag that might be nice to have. But if not its not a big deal. I am excited to get those pictures in the spiral things. I have tried to find the character of Christ video myself. But it was a MTC devotional and it seems that none of them are available to the public. IT is a really powerful message about turning outward. This week they had a new movie available. Another MTC devotional from President Holland. It was titled missions are forever. He taught with fire, something that was amazing to see. He had no script and really was preaching. It was quite the thing to listen too. "Don't miss any opportunity to be apostolic" was a quote from him. His last bit of advice in this movie was to go out and Astonish which is something that astonished all the missionaries in the room. You could really see his calling as a witness of Jesus Christ. We have yet to see an actual apostle but Rumor has it that come August they are off there break and we may get lucky. My companion got a hair cut last week and i will probably go next week. We are also planning on getting clothes dry cleaned soon as well.

This week there was a big focus on receiving revelation. It was cool to study it and begin to apply it. On sunday we had the same speaker that was here the first week. He was awesome again and had a very similar message. IT was cool to see how the spirit worked so that he changed it. Tuesday night was an emeritus Authority. 

If I've begun to miss somethings at home it may be harry potter because i made a few analogies throughout his talk to Harry potter including occlumency. I am Jealous that you have finished them again. Send some pictures in the email of the new house. I would like to see it coming along.

We didn't have to host new missionaries this week, but we had to do traffic instead. Not the most fun and i would rather have been in class but a nice break and probably our last time to have to do any of that. WE have played a lot of volleyball with our zone this week out on the sand. This morning we even went to the 6:40 gym time and had a two on two sand volleyball tournament. The majority of our zone leaves this weekend and it is crazy to see them go. We've made a lot of friendships but we are all going our own ways. We still have yet to find some of our life long friends. I had the opportunity to participate in a blessing this week which was the first time i have done that which was a great opportunity. I have begun to see the conversion process that people can go through. Overall it has been a very fast week. Tonight will be our last TRC before we start Skye visits next week. Hope all is well