Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 3 - Hosting

I hope the week for y'all has been good. This week really flew by. It is definitely not slowing down. The days really fly. Last p-day we had our first TRC and got to teach three returned missionaries just as members. It was a really fun experience and we get to do that tonight again so we are looking forward to that. The people in our zone continue to become really good chairs. In the hallway of our classrooms there is a bench with a sign above it that says "sisters bench, elders be gentlemen" right in front of the girls class room. This week in front of the boys bathroom a chair was placed there with a sign that read "Elder's chair, sisters be ladylike". Needless to say it didn't last too long but there is a chair there. 

On sunday, for the devotional we had the managing director of the MTC. He focused his remarks on the Book of Mormon stating that the three steps to conversion are prayer, Reading the book of Mormon and going to church. It was a very nice message about implementing the book of Mormon better. On sunday i got to meet with the branch president again. It was a nice visit and as we discussed how to best prepare for the field his only advice was that during personal study to focus on preach my gospel and the scriptures and become an expert in them. In his words he said "forget all the mission library stuff its not important" he went on to say to save those for the field. The days remain busy and long. The language is still very difficult. We have began to learn how to case things. I have memorized a big chart but the actual application is a little bit more difficult. We are becoming better at speaking. We are supposed to speak our language at all times which is a saying that has a few steps. I don't think we've been the most successful at it but we are starting to get better and it is definitely improving. Besides our missionary purpose i have also memorized my first scripture in Czech Alma 23:21. Another topic in one of our classes was receiving help. One of the teachers quoted a talk that said something along the lines of " If we need angels to minister to us, if we need a miracle, then call one down" The power held in that phrase has been something that has really stuck with me in my prayers the ministering of angels has sometimes become more evident. Another insightful talk that i read this week was Yet thou art there by Niel A Maxwell. I actually spend a surprising amount of time on the computer each day. WE have a computer lab right outside our classroom where we do language study with a software called TALL as well as a computer in our class that we can use doing personal study occasionally. We have begun teaching two of our teachers as investigators again. The lessons haven't always gone the greatest but sometimes it is because my companion and i don't always agree or have the same train of thought during the lesson. The things i Learned in Brother Morton's mission prep class are things that really have prepared me and given me a different understanding. How to suit that investigators better and not throw too much at them.That has been the most helpful thing to prepare for being here. On tuesday night we had another emeritus general authority Benjamin B Banks speak to us. He began with a few hilarious stories to catch our attention. As he served as a mission president in Scotland a missionary called him and said he needed to speak with him immediately about whether he was still worthy to serve as a missionary. They set up an appointment the next day and he worried all night over this elder. The next day the came in and their conversation went like this 
" President we were walking down the street this week and a groups of young women were having a pan bridle party"
"Whats that?"
"All the women surround you as you walk down the street banging pans and then asking for money and won't let you leave until you give them money"
"Well did you have any money to give?"
"I did and we gave them some"
"so then what happened"
"Well they don't let you leave until you kiss the bride to be?"
"You didn't?" Holding back laughter
"I did.  I'm so sorry, can i ever be forgiven?"
"go and sin no more"
 Needless to say he got our attention. HE also had some cool stories about working with Elder Scott. He was assigning missionaries and then all of a sudden Elder Scott made him go back four or five assignments. HE said something didn't feel right and changed the assignment for one of the missionaries.

Wednesday we got to host new missionaries as they arrived at the MTC, IT was sweltering heat and we we were supposed to be able to get a missionary through the entire process from car door to class in 10 minutes. It was more like 20 but it was a lot of fun to see what we looked like on our first day.
Today we got to go the temple for the first time which was very nice. They have 6 endowment rooms going and they can really move people through. IT was nice to finally get to go but it has definitely made p'day a lot busier. We play a game called spike ball during gym most days. WE take them up to the sand pits and dive all over the place. IT is a pretty fun game and we are getting pretty good at it.
I was talking to a Portuguese speaking sister  and she was talking about her branch president here at the MTC. I inquired a little bit further and she said he was a mission president in your mission. IT turns out its president Jackson. Ill have to see if i see him at all.

In response to your questions:

WE have not seen any authorities from the quorum of the twelve but i am always hopeful. 
The other Czech missionaries are from: 2 from Utah, 3 from Idaho, 1 from Arizona and 1 from Colorado. The sisters: one is from Guatemala and the other England but she was at BYU.
I assume the Czech Translations would be very good. However dear elder puts a question mark in for any symbol or letter with an accent so the are very hard to understand since a larger portino is accents and what not. My vocabulary is getting better but it is extremely hard to learn because we are so busy but we pick up a lot in class and on the language learning software. I also have a little book that i can study out of along with phrases that i am trying to learn.

My basketball game is alright. some days better than others. but we haven't played to much recently because we have been playing a lot of spike ball and have the gym is closed to fix some things so it is a little more crowded. I bought some liquid bleach today but the sand really stains some things so i will have to figure out something. And even when i wash my gym shorts they still smell afterwards.I pretty much only wear my washable slacks unless its a suit day. But when they're washed they lose a little of the crease. Any suggestions? I enjoy the quote immensely and the jokes. They always bring a smile but most others here don't appreciate good humor.

As far a topic i had thought of one earlier but am a little forgetful now. Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles. The power of the Book of Mormon as well as the calling of Joseph smith. In all things will Christ remember us. Or have miracles ceased? i would say unto you nay and the importance of faith. Have you watched character of Christ yet? That's something worth the wait.

hope all is well and i love to hear from you throughout the week

Starší Hanis