Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 7 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Well there are always a few surprises in the week. This week was no different! I'll begin by saying that we are emailing from Kosice and I will come back to that! As I said last week we got new beds and shelves and got that all finished. Wednesday we had a good English class and we had mutual after decorating sugar cookies. We started an exchange after and I was with Elder Whitney. They are the other elders here in Bratislava. We had a good exchange, a lot of contacting but found some really cool people and then that night we started an exchange with Missionaries from Nitra. This time i was with Elder Dixon. We had a good night and in the morning we had to leave our apartment because the day before I got a call from my companion that plumbers and our landlord had been at our apartment and starting Friday morning we weren't going to be able to be there. So Friday morning we packed up all of the things we will need until Wednesday and we had a good exchange. We drew the hashtag for the Christmas video again all around the city and then had a good night. we taught the Book of Mormon class that night about 3 Nephi 1 and the Saviors birth. We stayed the night with the other elders.

Saturday was a great day. We studied a little and headed to the building for a lesson and we were ahead of schedule so we got off the tram early and started talking to people on the way. Then we got behind schedule and were hurrying when we saw a Dad with three young sons. We stopped him and talked to him about Christmas  and about family prayer. He said thanks and when we asked if we could come over and share a message he said yes! Fast forward to Sunday he returned our call and said we could come at 1. They actually live about 200 meters from the building. They let us come in and they sat there three kids down, they fed us and we met his wife and we taught them the restoration. So Cool! it was a miracle. It works to talk to every father with a kid! Sometimes it just takes a year! It was awesome!

Saturday we finished planning for our week and had game night and then Sunday we had church. It was the primary program with the missionaries singing all the songs ;) And then we went to that family and then to a family in the branch for lunch which was so great! They played lots of Christmas music! And then we set out on the road for a big week! When we found out we couldn't be in our apartment we had to change some plans around. We had planned for the elders form Kosice to come to bratislva before training to have an exchange but we called president and decided to come to kosice Sunday, spend the night and have pday here so we can go to Siba! Were gonna go visit where our ancestors came from! I am way excited!

Tomorrow we will be here until about 2 and we will drive all the way to Brno and be there Wednesday, we will come home and have two days until the Christmas day here and it will be a weird couple of days! We are excited for Christmas! Lots of things happening! We can Light the world. I know that Christ is the light and we can follow his example. Merry Christmas!

Love Elder Hanis