Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 5 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Another week here in Bratislava! It was an interesting one. Last Monday we had a meeting with a guy and a recent convert. It was a pretty awesome lesson. The recent convert laid down some great expectations about meeting and coming to church. It was a good start to the week! Tuesday we had a whole day of just contacting! IT had been a long time since that has happened! But it was great! On our way to get something from the building there was a guy standing outside smoking. We started talking to him and he said he had seen our building. We told him we would love to show him inside. He just happened to have 30 minutes before a job interview across the street. We gave him a building tour and taught the restoration and gave him a book of Mormon. Unfortunately he does not live anywhere close but if he gets the job he'll be back! That night we got on a tram and there was a group of people that started talking to us and all at once there were about 15 people just talking and we were in the middle of it! That never happens! No one is every talking on a tram! At least until we start talking to them. Pretty cool! 

On Wednesday we were on exchanges. I was with a new missionary elder Vasic and we had a good day. As a district we took an hour and wrote the hashtag for Christmas all over the city a few hundred times which was fun! We met a funny guy who said he didn't believe in god but he believed in being good and in the ten commandments. Then we told him how we love the ten commandment because the first one is to believe in God! It was pretty funny! We had English and then a lady we met and set up with on Monday came and brought two friends to our lesson! It was a fun lesson! One just converted to Catholicism, one was agnostic, and the other was a strong catholic. We taught the restoration, gave them Books of Mormon and had a great discussion. Then right at the end the strong catholic asked about mother Mary. We explained that we don't worship her, or pray to her, but we know she is great and did a lot for us. then this lady said "but she's holy." we explained again even blunter and she said "but shes holy like she is holy" This went on for a while until the agnostic tried to explain it "Well they do respect her, They just focus on Jesus Christ because of what he did and because of the commandments that they follow" and she again repeated but shes holy. It was pretty funny! We are excited to meet with them again! We got home that night and i felt a little funny. At 2 in the morning was pretty sick and was up most of the night. IT was not to great. I was destroyed Thursday and Friday and Saturday.  We got back to work had a planning session and breakfast for the young men and young woman. Sunday we had a great fast Sunday and Sunday night we went caroling! We wrapped Books of Mormon and gave them to people as presents and had a fun day! It has been an interesting week! Hope things find you well! Love ya!